Saints and Sinners Ball, Victoria swingers club review

02 Jun

The Saints and Sinners Ball Clubis a premier Victoria Swingers club that has been in operation for more than 19 years. They cater to couples who are open and adventurous, and provide an atmosphere that promotes open sexuality and safe play. They offer events several times a month, and have accommodations available for guests who need to travel.

Saints and Sinners offers several features that are great for a swingers club. They have security throughout the premises, allowing you to feel safe and have problems handled in a timely fashion. They also offer a secure coat room to leave your valuables. A full bar provides any drink you would want, live entertainment and a large dance floor playing the latest in house music make it fun to mingle. They also offer several private and public play rooms, including a BDSM area with a whipping frame, their famous Grope room, and several oversized bedrooms. Off premise events are hosted at nite clubs that can be controlled by their security staff, so you can still be open.

Each event will have a theme, and dressing to the theme is strongly encouraged. You should arrive in your average street clothes, and change in to something sexy once there. You can wear basic lingerie or full costumes, this is completely up to you.
Tickets to each event must be purchased before the actual event, as tickets at the door are not available. Couples and single women, including female couples are welcomed. Unfortunately, single men are not given admittance. This keeps the mix fair and allows everyone to be open and not worry about single guys overcrowding the facilities.

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Couples Club, Sydney swingers club review

16 May

The Couples Club in Sydney is a genuine swingers club for Sydney Swingers. They host no less than 3 parties each week, and caters exclusively to swinging couples. Singles are allowed in limited numbers however to allow all fantasies to be fulfilled. They have been open for more than 20 years and have a full professional staff.
Each month the events rotate out, and there are events that will please everyone. The Angels and Demons party is held the first Friday of each month and is catered to those in to fetish dress. Super Swingers events are for couples only, and are hosted the 2nd weekend of each month. This party runs all weekend, but you can also attend for an individual night if you wish. The 3rd weekend of the month is dedicated to first timers, allowing swingers with little or no experience to see what it’s all about. This is a non intimidating party that will include a guided tour. The last Saturday of the month is a party for couples, but for the benefit of the ladies, with make strippers and staff. Throughout the week different events are also hosted, such as gang bang parties, bisexual experiences, and others. You can find a full, updated list of events on their website.
The costs for attendance varies depending on the event. For example, on Angels and Demons night a couple in fetish dress is $100 and $150 for couples in normal dress. The all weekend parties on the 2nd weekend of the month is $200 for couples. You can find information about the rates and membership by visiting the website or phoning ahead.

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Couples International, Queensland swingers club review

25 Apr

Couples International in Queensland is a premier swingers club. Unlike many other clubs, they encourage people who just want to watch. The club has been in operation for more than 7 years with the same owners, and many who go to the club have become very good friends. They have several benefits to membership.
The club offers several features that are sought after in swingers clubs. They feature three strip poles on the oversized dance floor. They also offer a media room, massage tables, a bondage area, private toilets and showers. A lounge area carries a fully stocked bar for any alcohol you may bring, and offers free soda, water, tea, and coffee. The back deck is set up for smokers comfort, and they host a full time cleaning staff to you are ensured you will always have a tidy club to attend.
Events and Parties
Couples International offers events every weekend. Some weekends are devoted to a simple swingers night, and other weekends you may find themed parties, like Pirate themes, fetish themes, and TV/TS parties for Queensland Swingers. A membership in the club will save you money on admittance, but membership is not required to attend. Non members are welcome with a cost of $120 for couples, $120 for single men, and $40 for single women.
Couples International has a strict policy to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests. You must be at least 18 to attend a party. You must ask before you watch or participate. The full time security staff is always visible should you have any issues. Single men are only admitted on Friday night events, and only a handful are allowed. The staff picks which single guys can get in.

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Deltasocials, East Pearth Swingers Club Review

09 Mar

Delta Socials is an adult lifestyle club in East Perth catering for Perth Swingers. Unlike some other clubs, they offer fetish events so people of all lifestyles can enjoy the club. They cater to everyone, whether you are wanting something mild or more interactive. They offer parties for fetishes, transexuals, and even host a Jelly Wrestling night several times a year. Unlike some clubs that are only open on weekends, Delta Socials is open Tuesday through Sunday.

Play Rooms

Delta Socials offers several play rooms. If you want privacy you can choose a room with a lock. For those who are looking for BDSM play, the bondage rooms offer everything you would want, including double beds and bondage crosses. The BDSM rooms have no doors, allowing you to invite others in to play anytime you want. Other rooms with themes may also be available from time to time.


The cost of the events will vary depending on the night and how you are arriving. Single ladies are always free. Couples are free certain days of the week, and for weekends the cost is $50. Single men will cost more and admission is limited. You can expect to pay between $60 and $100 depending on the night as a single man.

Whats Provided

Delta Socials provides basic refreshments, including snacks and non-alcoholic punch. You are free to bring your own drinks if you choose. Keep in mind they are not a licensed premise so alcohol cannot be served. It is suggested you bring your own toiletries, including towels. If you forget a towel you can rent a clean one for $5 a piece.

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Diversionz, Brisbane swingers club review

03 Feb

Diversionz is an adult lifestyle venue that has recently been renovated. They are located 30 minutes from Brisbane, making it a convenient location for Brisbane Swingers regardless of where you are. Diversionz has a few unique features.

Membership Fee

Unlike many other swingers clubs, Diversionz does not charge a membership fee. Instead, you pay for the events you attend. The costs can vary based on the event, but in most cases couples are $40, single men are $60, and single women are $10. For those who want to attend events frequently, a card is available that you can get stamped each time you go. After so many stamps you get a half price night, and then keep going and get a free night.


Diversionz has a BYOB atmosphere. You can store you alcohol at the bar and have the attendant prepare your drinks, or you can keep your alcohol in a designated area. Be aware that if you appear intoxicated the club can cut you off, and toss you out.


Diversionz offers some type of party each weekend. They have an online calendar you can check to see what events are being held. Each Friday they have a TFIF party, and then Saturdays alternate between cuddle parties, swingers parties, gang bang parties, and general good time parties.


The newly renovated venue includes several rooms, including a massage room, dance floor (complete with strippers poles), and a heated outdoor smoking area. There are also plenty of empty rooms, perfect for any fantasy play.

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LP’s Adventurous Adult Club, Western Australia review

28 Jan

Ladies Playground is a club that is unlike others in Australia. They host parties in top notch facilities for small groups of people. Unlike some other clubs, you won’t feel lost or like a random person since they only allow intimate numbers of adults. While they encourage swinging couples, the focus here is on the women. They try to create an atmosphere where women can explore one another and be open and safe without pressure.
Published Events
Every few weeks Ladies Playground will host an event. Some events have themes, and others are just to get together and have a good time. Most events are planned around an entire weekend, are open to 4 couples, 2 single ladies, and 1 single man. You will need to check their site for a list of upcoming events and book early.
The published events will include an intimate weekend, meals, drinks, games, and other activities.
Private Events
If you want to get a small group together for an intimate weekend, Ladies Playground can accommodate this as well. You can book their private 4 bedroom facility, or use their events coordinator to help you book somewhere else. Their venue will offer a lounge, privacy, a pool, a spa, and a full kitchen area. They can cater to any special event, and private events are never listed so your privacy is ensured. You can phone to get information regarding rates and procedure for private bookings.
Attire will vary depending on the event. In most cases you are encouraged to wear neat clothing for the meal and mingling, and then bring sexy attire to change in to. Men must wear long pants, no shorts or sweats are permitted. If the event is a costumed theme, you are expected to bring a costume or you may not be admitted.

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Mystique Parties, Victoria Swingers Club Review

14 Dec

Mystique Swingers Parties is located at a private residential setting in the northwest area of Melbourne. The cater exclusively to couples between the ages of 20-49. They are not an open club, and reservations need to be made before attending. Once you book, you will need to call if you need to cancel. You must also only book the number of couples you will be bringing, as those who have not made a booking will not be allowed to enter.


Mystique Parties has an open dress policy, but they encourage you to dress to impress. Once inside couples are expected to dress down. Lingerie and underwear are welcomed, and the sexier the better.

What’s Provided

Snacks, coffee, and tea will all be provided for you. If you wish to drink anything harder than coffee you will need to bring your own. Towels, condoms, and lubricants are also provided, but you are welcome to bring to your own. Mystique does suggest that you only bring what you need, as limited space is available for secure storage.

Special Events

Mystique typically hosts parties each weekend, but will occasionally have parties during the week as well. Holidays such as Halloween typically have special parties associated. The cost for parties is $50 per couple. Sometimes single women are allowed admittance with prior approval for $20. You can find the full list of events on their websites, along with a comprehensive schedule and phone numbers and email addresses for contact.

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West End Swingers, Melbourne swingers club review

20 Nov

West End Swingers is an upscale couples only swingers club for Melbourne Swingers. They offer a large facility that includes a heated spa big enough for 10 people, 3 play areas, and a secure place for your belongings. They also offer a covered area for smokers to enjoy.


It is suggested that you call ahead to make a reservation. If you show up and the venue is full, you will be turned away without a prior reservation. No singles are allowed admittance. The club is designed for couples only. Those who arrive under the influence will also be turned away. The cost per couple is $50.

What’s Unique

The fact that West End Swingers caters only to couples makes this club unique. Unlike other clubs that allow singles in, you don’t have to worry about creeps and lurkers. The club also provides more than basic refreshments, offering tea, coffee, and full meals. It’s also not an all night party, which can make people feel worn down. The parties generally run from 9pm-2am.

West End Swingers is a casual environment, and allows you to bring your own alcohol. They also cater to first timers so you won’t feel out of place. Many other clubs don’t offer this level of service.


West End Swingers isn’t a typical club, it’s more of a hosted party in a secure environment. Because of this, they don’t offer memberships. You will need to call for reservations and have an ID ready when you go for security purposes.

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Brizzy Bangers, Queensland swingers club review

04 Nov

Brizzy Bangers is a popular swingers website located in Queesnland. They provide a way for swingers to find events all over Australia and meet other swingers. They also host parties at large venues for it’s members.

Paying a small fee for a membership gives you full access to an online community for swingers. This is unlike other clubs that only provide information on the website as opposed to an opportunity for people to connect on a deeper level. Anyone who is part of the swinging community will find value in being part of an online community as well. It’s a great way to get advice on different situations, educate yourself to the different aspects of swinging, as well as a safe and anonymous way to meet other swingers without paying a huge fee for a dating site.

Listing a Party
If you are planning a swingers party, Brizzy Bangers allows you to post this information on their community board. Here you will be able to list the type of party it is, contact information for RSVPs, what to bring, what will be provided, and the rules you have.

Brizzy Bangers Parties
Brizzy Bangers will host parties a few times a year, more frequently if demand is high. These are held in secure locations, and have an extensive list of rules. Intoxication is not allowed. Gay contact is also not allowed. Women have the final say in everything at the parties. Condoms are provided and required for all play. They also set up 1 room with cameras for their website. If you don’t want to be recorded be sure you are not in the camera room.

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Capital Couples, Canberra swingers club review

25 Oct

Capital Couples is the only adult club in Canberra. They have been in operation for almost 5 years, and offer a friendly staff that is open and accommodating for Canberra Swingers. The facilities are top notch, and a full service cleaning staff keeps all area in pristine condition.


Capital Couples is a large residential house that has been fully appointed for a great swingers club. They have a full bar to provide you with any mixers you may need for the BYO drinks you bring. Their bar staff are all fully trained as well.

On the street levels you will find the full bar, a swing room with a queen size round bed and mirrored ceilings. The lounge area features several televisions that play music videos and a few dance poles to show your skills.

The 2nd level of the club offers a 12 person spa that is kept well cleaned. You will also find a pool table, shared showers, and a frame for bondage. Towels and robes are provided on this level.
The top level offers a dinner area where guests are treated to a meal at 7pm. You will also find another lounge area with massage tables and oversized leather chairs. The media played in the lounge is always XXX videos. There are 2 more bedrooms with an outdoor viewing area complete with a fireplace.


The cost is $100 per couple, and the events are every other Saturday. The fun begins early, at 4pm, and runs through 2am. If you attended the last event, or an event with in the last 30 days, the cost is only $50. You must arrive before 10pm, and only cash is accepted. Be sure to bring your ID to ensure admittance.

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